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For Rent: Commercial | Industrial, Offices | Building, School | Campus, Parking Lot | Structure, Standing Sets, Buildings, Bunker, Production Offices, Hotel | Motel, Apartment | Condo | Townhome , Outbuildings, Medical Offices, Stairways, Roof, Banquet Hall, Basement, Stores, Auditorium, Police Station, Lodge, Alley, Recording Studio, Corridors, Underground, Community Center, Chiropractors Office, Clinic, Doctor's Office, Detention Center, Kitchen, Elevator, Dorm Room, Lobby, Hallways, Storage Rooms, Vacant
Locality: Arleta
Ad #: 714
Amazing vacant building that be a make for Apartments, hotel, motel, kitchen, lobby, dr. office, dorms, hospital, detention halls, you name it! Call today for a scout.

Agent(s) for this Listing

Annette Acosta

Locations for Filming
23638 Lyons Ave, STE 148
Newhall California 91321
Phone: (661) 477-0889

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